It's a towel!

Compact, lightweight and sand free, this is the go anywhere towel. From the beach, boat, ballfields, gym. Take it hiking or camping, we have you covered. No more bulky towels to lug around.

And yes, it will dry you off!

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Its also a wrap

Who doesn't love a cute cover-up? Wear it to the pool, beach bar or out to lunch. This towel can be worn so many ways, we stopped counting!

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Perfect for the whole family

With dozens of fun patterns and endless uses, this towel is a fit for everyone in the family.

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Is the towel absorbent?

Yes it is! While the soft, light weight material may not feel like it will dry you off, our towels are designed to absorb more than their weight in water. The fabric is woven to wick the moisture and hold it away from you skin, keeping you cool and comfortable while protecting your skin from the sun.

What is UPF 50?

Like the SPF in sunscreen, UPF is the standard to measure the effectiveness of sun protective fabrics. A UPF factor of 40 or above is considered EXCELLENT protection from both UVA and UVB rays. Our UV Guard is rated UPF 50+, even when wet, blocking 97% of UVA and 99.7% of UVB rays. 

Our towels are UPF 50, ensuring excellent protection from the sun.

How do I launder my towel?

Our towels are designed with a special weave to block the sun's rays. This means the UPF protection is not washed into the fabric and they are extremely durable and long lasting. They are salt water and chlorine resistant.

Wash your towel as you would normally wash any athletic apparel. You can also tumble dry low, or hang to dry.